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02 July 2014

The shatush has three functions

Three colour trends for summer 2014.

There is no doubt anymore. Also this summer the Shatush has been the most appreciated colour trend by the stars and, more importantly, by street style. It isn’t just elitist anymore , this is real fashion. In this post we want to suggest three different ways to interpret it, three choices of style that will interpret your way of being.

1. Shatush Glamour Classic. It’s the most classic Shatush, made on ash or light brown basis and blended with a lighter tone on the tips. The beauty of this Shatush mainly lies in the hairdresser’s ability to get a soft effect as natural as possible.

2. Burning Shatush . Be creative, alternative, always looking for style solutions that will let you distinguish from the classic fashion suggestions. If you find yourself in this description, the Burning Shatush is for you. It is made on a dark brown or mahogany base and is faded on the tips with a ruby red or copper tone depending on the customers’ needs .

3. Reverse Shatush. Try to imagine the Shatush in its most conventional shape. Got it? Now try to imagine it in reverse. This means with the clear basis and the soft tips with a darker tone. It’s one of the latest evolutions of Shatush, suitable for women who are always looking for details to amaze and be noticed.

And you? In which Shatush do you identify yourself better ? Anyway , we advise you to never choose a new colour service without first consulting your trusted hairdresser, because what may look wonderful on paper may not seem as guessed next to your face.


Discover Shatool by Intercosmo in the Beauty Salon, the new tool designed specifically for the Shatush: the natural effect that is able to achieve will amaze you. 

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