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23 July 2014

How to look tanned without sitting in the sun.

Beauty Gold has come, the foundation cream that brightens your rosy complexion.

Time to relax? Not for everybody. If a lot of women in these hours are wondering what to pack for the upcoming holidays, many of them are still working, well aware that the sea and the sun will have to wait for a while more. As well as the tan, which for now seems to be only a mirage. But Voilà Make Up has not forgotten them, proposing the new compact foundation cream Beauty Gold, ideal for giving back to the rosy complexion a colour as just kissed by the sun. Creamy to the touch, with a soft and velvety texture, it can be used both dry and wet. In the first case, the effect will be more gentle and natural, in the second one the coverinf will be faultless. But not only. Beauty Gold eliminates imperfections, enhances the rosy complexion and refines the skin.

Here are some tips to create a make-up as close as possible to the e tan effect.
1) If you are still pale, prefer a thinly veiled effect. Apply the compact foundation cream on your cheeks with a Kabuki brush. You will experience an ultra-fine veil effect , that will give you a radiant tone.

2) Do not overdo it. The Golden Rule, when you apply the compact foundation cream on a skin not tanned yet, is not to overdo it. The litmus test is to verify the line that separates the outlines of the face from the beginning of the neck: the difference in tone between the two zones must never be evident to the naked eye.
3) Light eyes and lips Make-up. The focus of the make-up is the rosy complexion. It’s good therefore not to overdo the eye and lips Make-up.

For evenings in the city, for an happy-hour with friends and for special occasions: Beauty Gold of Voila Make Up is the ally of the summer.


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