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29 July 2014

From Africa with love.

A short trip to the fashion trends of the summer 2014.

Until a few years ago when we saw them we were amazed by the wonderful colours of their clothes, the shape of their skirts, so different from ours, and for the natural elegance they wore them. The African women’s typical clothes are a true picture of modern art, a fascinating kaleidoscope of hues and colours . And maybe that's why the most prominent fashion designers have made it the boss balance of their fashion summer 2014 collections.
These are the pieces impossible to forget in the holiday suitcase.
The maxi printed skirt in Stella Jean’s style . Stella Jean is a well-known English stylist, which lately has heavily drawn from African culture. Inspiring to her, we suggest you to take on holiday a maxi sarong skirt with African printing, possibly reaching the feet and high waisted. You will be able to wear it both day (tying it under the breast as if it were an elegant cover-up) or in the evening, with a simple tank top and a pair of high heels.
The multi-purpose scarf of many colors. The African scarves are a true passe-par-tout. You can use them on your tied hair during the day or as sashes in the evening.
The white kaftan with gold embroidery. The caftan is an unavoidable piece in the suitcase for the sea. Elegant, chic: the perfect choice for an aperitif on the beach or for the early hours of the morning.
And the shoes to pack? Definitely a pair of heels are essential, preferably without plateau so to fill less space. Remaining instead in afro style, you can opt for a satin earth thong sandal, made of leather by master craftsmen.
If you have any fashion tips for the upcoming holidays, please write us on Facebook.
We could update this article with your ideas.

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