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16 July 2014

Experience is needed to fight the hair loss.

Find out the tailored solutions signed by Eksperience.

Today we want to introduce you a line for hair which Eksperience is very proud of . This is the Vitality line, a product range that has been getting excellent results for long time now. Its action is specifically aimed at the prevention and treatment of hair loss and provides tailored solutions depending on the intensity of the phenomenon.
In general, the hair specialists are used to subdivide the treatment of hair loss in three different levels of severity: seasonal, shock treatment and intensive treatment. In this post we want to offer you a tailor-made recipe for each of the three cases.
1) Seasonal loss treatment.
Duration: 6 weeks.
If you are facing a seasonal loss phenomenon (think about the classic spring or autumn loss) you need to use for each washing the Vitalizing Bath of the Vitality line and match to this shampoo the Vitalizing Lotion , with a frequency of about 1-2 times a week.
2) Intensive treatment.
Duration: 8 weeks
When the loss starts to become a more significant problem , it is good to choose a treatment to contrast it constantly and effectively. To get this Vitality suggests you to use at each single washing the Vitalizing Bath and apply two Eksperience Patch daily to the base of the back of the neck. The Patch Vitality Line is a perfectly transparent patch to be applied in the proximity of the hair and that gradually releases its sub-components during the day. It 's a revolutionary solution, non-invasive and designed to promote re-growth of the hair, its strength and its elasticity.
3) Shock treatment.
Duration: 12 weeks.
In the case of a more persistent loss EksperienceVitality recommends the same treatment of the seasonal loss, but extends the benefits for 6 weeks. In this way the hair will have more time to absorb the ingredients of Vitality and restore their natural force.

To receive a tailor-made advice, search in our Store Locator the Intercosmo hairdresser nearest you and ask if among its services he provides the resale of EksperienceVitality.
Because experience is needed to fight the hair loss.

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