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27 June 2014


The shampoo which believes to be a treatment was born.

More and more often shampoo is perceived as a basic commodity, to be integrated with countless care products to achieve the desired cosmetic effect. And if a shampoo that with a single gesture takes care of ten aspects of the hair was born? Well it really happened. The shampoo we're talking about is the direct evolution of the Magnifico mask and along with this mask they set up a wonderful pair of treatments.

The shampoo signed Il Magnifico is suitable for all hair types, it has a silky and creamy texture and is also ideal for the skin. If we had to summarize its main features the main points would be:

1. It gently cleanses the hair
2. It protects and moisturizes the scalp
3. It gives silkiness and softness
4. It strengthens hair
5. It reduces hair breakage
6. It enhances the shine
7. It controls frizz
8. It detangles the hair and facilitates combing
9. It leaves the hair light
10. It prevents split ends

In short, just like the mask from which it takes its inspiration, this shampoo contains in a single product all the characteristics of a multi-functional treatment.

Because we don’t always have the time to devote ourselves to long sittings or to the use of a variety of products for the hair beauty. In those cases Il Magnifico is the best solution: fast, effective and incredibly comprehensive.

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